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NBL logo 2019 kicsi

National Biosafety Laboratory Hungary

Response to the challenges posed by the highly pathogenic microorganism in Hungary

The National Biosafety Laboratory is the only functioning high containment public health biosafety level 3 and 4 laboratory working with risk group 3/4 (RG3/4) pathogens of public health importance and bioterrorism in Central Europe. The National Biosafety Laboratory consists of two independently operating parts: the BSL-3+ laboratory for the RG-3 pathogens with a two-person glove-box and the BSL-4 suit-based laboratory for the RG4 agents. Broad spectra of methods are established and used in the National Biosafety Laboratory from the molecular techniques, through versatile classical methods (e.g. in-vitro and in-vivo isolation, neutralization tests, serological tests, antibiotic susceptibility test) to new cutting-edge techniques (MALDI-TOF, whole genome sequencing with bioinformatic analysis).
National Biosafety Laboratory is assigned to represent Hungary serving as a national node in the ERINHA by the Governmental Decree 1543/2017 (VII.18).

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