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National Biosafety Laboratory can be host for broad spectra of research project (vaccine studies, new therapeutic, diagnostic development) as well site for national, international trainings for BSL-3 and BSL-4. For more information, please contact us!

The National Public Health Center has the short-read Illumina MiSeq2000 sequencing platform and the staff is experienced in deep sequencing of RG3 bacteria and RG4 viruses using different solutions for low quality and quantity nucleic acid amplification. Our portfolio includes sequence-dependent and independent methods as well, from nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) isolation to sequencing. For bioinformatics analysis a custom-made pipelines/workflow based on international recommendations are available. For more information, please contact us!

The National Biosafety Laboratory has capacity to detect RG3 and RG4 pathogens using classical and molecular methods.

Diagnostic capacity of NBL

The complex differential diagnostic capability in close cooperation with the Division of Microbiological Reference Laboratories offers a unique possibility to the rapid and reliable results.

The Bacterial Diagnostic Unit collaborate with related reference laboratories at the Department of Bacteriology, Mycology and Parasitology to provide complex solutions for identification the RG3 pathogens. The NBL, Bacteriology Unit is able to provides rapid diagnostic methods for partners, classical microbiological and molecular detection services for isolation and identification of RG3 bacterial agents, including cultivation on cell culture, embrionated eggs or by animal inoculation. Classical identification methods (example: in- house slide agglutination) and high resolution MALDI-TOF MS are in use for reliable and comparable identification of different pathogens. Molecular methods, including commercial and in-house PCR, qPCR methods are available for rapid identification of known and unknown pathogens. Commercially available kits and different in-house assays, including IFA, ELISA, IHA, WB are available.

The Virology Diagnostic Unit is offering complex differential diagnosis for RG2, RG3 and RG4 pathogens in close cooperation with the Department of Virology reference laboratories at the Division of Microbiological Reference Laboratories. The rapid molecular diagnostic capacity from PCR to sequencing is able to give results from all the spectra of clinical specimens, such as EDTA blood, whole blood, CNS, saliva, semen. Beside the molecular diagnostic the NBL provides a broad spectrum of virus isolation capability on different cell cultures, embrionated eggs and in vivo animal models. The laboratory provides a wide range of serological testing of differential diagnosis for acute and late infection, with the in-house and CE certified immunofluorescence slides, ELISA systems, neutralization tests and hemagglutanation inhibition tests.
Beside the diagnostic services, the National Biosafety Laboratory provides a range of virus isolation and diagnostic serology testing services in co-operation with the related reference laboratories and provides development services.
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